LSL RFID Access Control & Asset Tracking System v5.0 - Application Notes

Application Note – Paired Tag RFID Equipment Tracking

Utilizing the RFID component on a piece of Customer equipment such as a computer, and providing RFID employee ID badges.  You can configure Paired Tags between the authorized users and assets. The system will track the asset, and if it goes through a portal without an authorized accompanying tag, it will alert the security console and trigger an alarm. If Track on Alarm is enabled the LSL Enterprise Console will automatically bring up the floorplan tracking module and follow the alarmed asset/user in real time enabling security personnel to quickly resolve the situation.

Application Note – RFID Equipment Tracking

Utilizing the RFID component on a piece of Customer equipment such as a computer.  The system can alert the security console and trigger an alarm whenever the equipment approaches any portal equipped with an antenna and reader.

Application Note – RFID Entry Portal

Any customer, client, or employee equipped with a RFID tag can be tracked and admitted to any portal equipped with the RFID reader.  This can be used as a security tool or a convenience for a handicapped enabled door so that anyone with a tag can have the door open automatically as they approach.  The uses are truly up to whatever the customer can imagine.

Application Note – HID ProxCard Reader

ProxCards from companies like HID are a very popular method of providing access control to buildings and rooms.  These readers are fully supported by the LSL LPN-SEC.

Application Note – Mag Card Reader

Used for highly secure areas a physically encoded mag stripe card can be used alone or in conjunction with a RFID tag for a second level of security authentication.  Also useful where RFID may be too broad or open for precise control of portals.

Application Note – Position and Route Verification

Useful for any application where a route needs to be executed and audited for direction, time, and date.  Primary applications are security patrol routes that need to be followed, monitored for liability and security concerns.  The system is capable of tracking progress and showing tag/officer location if all portals are RFID enabled.  In buildings where many portals are RFID enabled, more accurate position display is possible to the room level. 

Application Note – Parking Verification

Traditional park systems using pay cards, simple RF devices, or booths can be replaced with an intelligent system that tracks vehicle/userid, direction into or out of lot, even payment information against a central parking billing database.  As simple as “Is this person authorized to park here” to “Do they have enough credit in their account to park here”.

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