What Makes LSL ACS 5.0 So Unique

The LSL ACS v5.0 system has many unique features besides being extremely reliable and robust. This list highlights some of our advantages over the competition.

  • Completely redesigned for Enterprise on premises installation using LSL LDF v6.0
  • Completely redesigned as a Cloud Native Application on AWS. This provides extreme scale, redundancy, managed operations, and many more options for multi-tennant installations.
  • Full access control and integrated asset tracking including Advanced Paired User/Assets/Tags
  • Runs on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows Server 2012 through Windows 10
  • LSL LPN-SEC v5.0 enterprise hardware appliance runs LSL customized Linux and is extremely reliable. Regulary runs for years at a time without rebooting or crashing.
  • LSL LPN-SEC v5.0 embedded hardware appliance runs LSL customized RTOS and is extremely reliable. Regulary runs for years at a time without rebooting or crashing.
  • Support for any reader manufacturer. Not tied to any one single vendor or technology.
  • Support for all access control and asset tracking technologies. Biometric ( fingerprint, iris, facial recognition ), active RFID, passive RFID, magnetic card readers, HID ProxCards, numeric keypads, and many other access control and asset tracking reader types.
  • Remote updates for new versions of software and firmware with full user control of when the update takes place.
  • LSL Server Manager software for managing the settings and configuration of the LSL LPN-SEC remotely with simple graphical user interface.
  • Unlimited number of Users, Assets, Cards, Tags, LSL LPN-SEC units, literally limitless software.
  • Graphical real time tracking of Users, Assets with ability to "Find" any User/Asset in the floor plans.
  • "Track On Alarm" feature allows for automatic graphical tracking of any object ( Users/Assets ) if it triggers an Alarm condition.
  • Ability to utilize granular access authorizations down to individual users/doors. Also supports full Groups for simple configuration based on roles, and user groups.
  • Ability to communicate and integrate into other 3rd party systems using LSL ACS API technology and gateway server software.
  • Support for large number of enterprise databases. Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS-SQL, Valentina Server, REAL Server, and of course LSL DB Server.
  • Many built in reports for analyzing and presenting collected transaction data from SQL database.
  • Fully distributed design with fully redundant LSL LPN-SEC to LSL Enterprise Server TCP/IP protocol provides for NO SINGLE POINT of FAILURE. Automatic failover for hardware and server software failures.
  • Design also provides for good utilization of modern multi-core servers
  • LSL provides online, integrated electronic support system and client.
  • In the event of a total network failure the LSL LPN-SEC appliances distributed design allows the system to continue to function, open locks, open doors, trigger alarms, etc. The system caches data on each read/event locally until the network comes back online, and then performs a full upload of all data/events.
  • Unique system design allows for processing & decision making/control on disparate data types - RFID, Biometrics, Mag Stripe, HID Prox Cards, etc.

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