LSL ACS 4.0 Advanced Paired Users/Assets/Tags

Advanced Paired Users/Assets/Tags provides for a complete multiple reader hardware pairing relationship between Users, Assets, and Tags. This is of primarily used in Asset tracking applications, but does have significant application is pairing between different groups of Users.

It allows for automatic monitoring of assets and users that are associated with another user or asset. Provides ability to automatically sound alarms and signal if a "Paired" User/Asset is read without it's authorizing pair mate. The "Pairs" are not limited to a single authorized pair, for instance a laptop may be paired with multiple authorized users, help desk personnel, etc.

The LSL ACS v4.0 implementation of Paired Users/Assets/Tags works across any supported hardware reader type, so you can pair an Identec Cryptag tagged laptop with a swipe card carrying user and still properly match and authorize their exit from your building.

To our knowledge this is the only multi-reader implementation of Paired Users/Assets/Tags currently shipping from any vendor.


School Asset Retention:

School computers can have active RFID tags epoxyed to the system and paired with help desk ( active RFID badge), teachers ( swipe cards ), or other authorized administrators ( passive RFID badge ). If the computer is taken near a exit without a valid paired user the alarms can be triggered, Track on Alarm can be activated in the security office for displaying the location to security personnel in LSL Enterprise Console, and the doors can be immediately sealed.

Maternity Ward:

Infants can be tagged with flexible embedded passive RFID hospital bracelets and "Paired" with their mother ( passive RFID hospital bracelet ) and maternity ward nurses ( swipe cards ). If the infant is taken near a maternity ward exit without a valid user ( mother or nurse ) the alarms can be triggered and the doors can be immediately sealed.

Retirement Home:

Residents can be tagged with active RFID pendants or "wrist watches" and "Paired" with their family ( swipe cards ) and care givers ( active RFID cards ). If the resident wanders near a exit without a valid paired user ( family member or nurse ) the alarms can be triggered and the doors can be immediately sealed.

The bottom line is that you, the customer can monitor and control your users and assets in real time, the applications with multiple hardware support are literally limitless.

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