Cloud Native Application Design and Development

Linux Software Labs Inc. engineers are passionate about Cloud Native Application development.

We have been designing the next generation of IoT Cloud based applications for our own products, and now we are offering that experience and expertise to our customers.

We specialize in Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) based application design and development. Our next generation LSL Access Control and Asset Tracking System v5.0 is complete redesign of the v4.1 product into a Cloud Native design paradigm. We are working with a range of AWS technologies and languages in this new product, with a focus on Python for the primary language choice.

Amazon Web Services core technologies include EC2, EFS, RDS, Lambda, ELB, Route53, Greenleaf, API Gateway, and more.

Moving this Enterprise scale product design into the nearly unlimited AWS Cloud has been an incredible opportunity for expanding our product portfolio, and providing a new set of services to offer to our customers.

If you have a traditional datacenter or server based application that needs to be transitioned into the 21st century, Linux Software Labs Inc. can help you make that a smooth transition. There are many considerations when moving applications into the Cloud. AWS represents a new way of approaching development, security, operations, and redundancy while providing the ability to scale on demand.

These many advantages require a new approach to application design. Give LSL a call, and we will assist you in making the leap into the Cloud!