Custom Software Design & Development

LSL has a 21 year history of providing superior software development services for small, medium, and large businesses.

Our strength is providing innovative thinking, extensive experience, and practical, workable, high quality solutions.

We would like to be your custom software development firm.  LSL will provide quotes on an existing specification or work with you to produce a full specification for a reasonable hourly or fixed fee depending on available data.

LSL has engineers specializing in the following development languages and technologies:

Python C/C++ C# Java
Xojo Go Rust PHP 5.x – 7.x
Assembly Language PERL VB.Net ASP.Net
AWS Docker Kubernetes OpenStack

LSL has developers available to work on your project, utilizing whatever current technology is most appropriate for your particular environment and project needs.

Leverage the LDF for your next application

For customer applications that simply need the fastest, highest quality results, LSL has developed a specialized object oriented development framework. The LSL Development Framework v6.0.0 is a modern development system that produces dramatic results. All of the products offered by LSL are developed using the LSL Development Framework. It has allowed us to outperform the market and our competitors while delivering a truly superior product.

The primary benefit of the LSL Development Framework is the speed of design and development.  Once an initial design specification is established, we can produce prototypes in very short times, gather customer feedback and immediately incorporate changes into the design process.  When the design is solidified we can deliver finished product in days to weeks, versus our competitors months to year long projects.

LSL current customer application types:

  • Office applications for managing customers, contacts, vendors, inventory, bill of materials, etc.
  • Custom database applications for managing specialized data and applications.
  • Control systems for controlling switches, solenoids, motors, etc.  For example the LSL LPN-SEC reads various data inputs and controls door locks and openers.
  • Data acquisition systems for gathering and analyzing data.  Can also be used to control a real world process based on acquired data values.