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LSL Internet Services Update 2019 - Completed

LSL engineers have been working to upgrade our Internet Services for the last month. This was brought about by the need to update our infrastructure to fully modern 64bit Linux based servers across all systems, improve security, and update to the newest version of our favorite Linux Distribution.

In doing so we have created and installed a fully redundant High Availability Firewall System designed by our staff engineers. We have greatly expanded our number of supported systems, and we have slimmed down on the number and types of protocols we will support into the future, reducing our attack surface to the many attackers who regularly assault the systems.

LSL Development Framework v6.0.0 - Port to Java for 2019 Release

Linux Software Labs Inc. is pleased to announce the Java port of the LSL-LDF v6.0 to support our new cloud, IoT, and IIoT product development goals for 2019.

The port is centered on the LSL-LDF CORE components that deal with licensing, registration, networking, database access, encryption, and much more. These initial efforts will not address the GUI component portions of the LSL-LDF.

We are very excited about these new products and will be publishing additional information in the coming weeks.

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