LSL Communication Server

The LSL ACS Communication Server is a new server component of the LSL ACS system, that can run on Linux, Windows, or Mac OS X. It can run on the same server as the LSL Enterprise Server or on a separate server for performance and redundancy.

It expands the compressed data streams produced by the LSL LPN-SEC appliances, reduces, and simplifies the processing load on the LSL Enterprise Server component.

For modern multi-core CPU's and in keeping with the LSL design philosophy of completely distributed, no single point of failure systems, this additional server allows for better balance and superior performance across the product.

The primary function of the LSL Communication Server is the following:

  • Conversion of data into a report friendly format
  • Interfaces with the LSL Enterprise Console GUI
  • serving as the primary interface component for 3rd party product integrations.
  • Support unlimited number of LSL Enterprise Console, and 3rd party gateway interface connections ( within TCP/IP limits )
  • Supported on Linux, Windows 2003, XP, 2000, and Mac OS X.
  • Compatible with a range of enterprise class databases for data and configuration storage.
  • Not resource intensive.
  • Provides real-time output from LPN’s on screen.

The LSL ACS API is now directly accessible through the LSL Communication Server. In the previous product generations this function was performed by the LSL Enterprise Server.

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