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LSL Development Framework 3.2.0 Released

Linux Software Labs Inc. is very happy to announce the release of the LSL Development Framework ( LDF ) v3.2.0.

The LDF allows LSL software engineers to very quickly build applications that are capable of running on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. These applications gain instant access to multiple databases like Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, LSL DB Server, SQL Lite, Valentina Office Server, and many ODBC data sources.

New Website

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This issue is to celebrate the availability of the new LSL website. If you have not had time to look through the new website give it a look at %uri

One of the best aspects of the new website is the support forums. When you login as a registered user you receive full access to all aspects of the LSL website.

Future installments will include focused information about new functionality available through the new site, new product announcements, and important company updates.

Thank you for your support.