LSL Presidents Day Update

Submitted by jmoehlma on Mon, 02/15/2021 - 08:21

LSL Engineers have been working on several new business objectives, and building out new infrastructure to support the new business.  These new capabilities will support existing projects like the LSL MEGA Email Security System, and our new Hyper Converged Infrastructure consulting services for business.

We have completed the following additional infrastructure projects so far this year:

  • New servers were installed and configured, doubling our internal datacenter capacity.
  • Production VMWare Cluster upgraded to v7.0b, adding many new capabilities.
  • New production Proxmox VE Hyper Converged Infrastructure cluster for running KVM & LXC containers.
  • New production Kubernetes cluster for supporting our k8s product development, containerization, and cloud consulting business.
  • 10Gbit to the Developer Desktop 
  • Older hardware has been repurposed for lab test systems for evaluating new Hyper Converged Infrastructure projects like TrueNas SCALE.


All of this new equipment, work, and focus is centered on moving LSL and our customers forward into the future!! 

If you have a potential project or need help moving a app or system into the Cloud, or into a modular, micro-service based architecture, call or email LSL today!