LSL Internet Services Update December 2020

Submitted by jmoehlma on Tue, 12/29/2020 - 13:17

This Holiday Season the LSL engineers have made significant upgrades to our internal and public facing network and server infrastructure.  There were major releases this year for many of our core components, significant hardware upgrades, and the internal release of the LSL MEGA Email Security System.

  • Major updates to LSL-LDF for Go, Python, and Xojo versions
  • Continued migration of core business services to public cloud to increase reliability.
  • Upgraded all servers ( ESXi & Storage )  to a minimum of 128GB of RAM.
  • New fully redundant 10G Storage Network, replaces older 4G FC SAN
  • New custom LSL built FreeBSD/ZFS based storage server appliance with 10G support
  • Upgraded all VMWare ESXi to 10G dedicated, multipath storage network.
  • LSL MEGA SIEM and LSL MEGA Email Security System running internally.
  • Enhanced the HA Firewalls with new design and rules.
  • Rebalanced storage, NFS, AFP, SMB shares to new servers.
  • Migrated GIT repositories to new, modern internal Git server, with GitHub as a backup.