LSL Internet Services Update 2020 - Completed

This Holiday Season the LSL engineers have made significant upgrades to our internal and public facing network and server infrastructure.  There were major releases this year for many of our core components, which made for even more impressive improvements overall.

February 8-9th:

  • Built and secured new 3 server Debian cluster for Kafka and Syslog-ng.
  • Installed, and configured 3 node Kafka cluster for production usage.
  • Installed, and configured new Syslog-ng collection and processing for LSL MEGA System.

February 1-2nd:

  • Built servers for production Jira, Confluence, and PostgreSQL.
  • Installed and configured PostgreSQL, Jira, and Confluence services for production usage.

January 19th:

  • All servers ( 45 total ) upgraded to the latest release of Debian 10.
  • All supporting services, upgraded to the latest packages available in Debian 10.
  • Web sites migrated and upgraded to the latest version of Drupal 8
  • All database software upgraded to the latest production releases.
  • Kubernetes cluster upgraded to latest release.
  • ESXi cluster upgraded to release 6.7 Update 3.
  • Storage server upgraded to larger, faster SAS drives.
  • New SSL certificates for enhanced security

The majority of the work took place over the holiday break, when we could afford more flexible service interruptions.  The final cut over to the new website and the first new article published on the new infrastructure took place January 19th, 2020.