LSL MEGA Development Announcement

Linux Software Labs Inc. is very excited to announce the development of a new product family revolving around email. LSL is engineering a new generation of advanced enterprise grade email security server components and email clients code named LSL-MEGA. The new server components provide tightly integrated Anti-SPAM, Anti-phishing, and security system which is tied into the entire SMTP, IMAP, and Firewall stack. Attacks on any component are analyzed in real time and fed directly into the firewall(s) for immediate blocking and blacklisting.

The system is designed from the ground up to work with High Availability Firewall systems, and NAT'd servers, something that has proven difficult or impossible to implement in the past. It does this through the use of advanced distributed design.

The new email clients will support Anti-SPAM measures, database message storage, various SMTP and IMAP backends, as well as advanced filtering.

Like all LSL products we will ship these new products on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Stay tuned!