LSL Access Control and Asset Tracking Port to ARM ( Raspberry Pi 2 ) Update

LSL R&D engineers have been working on our ARM strategy since well before the release of the Raspberry Pi development board, using Freescale i.MX family processors. With the release of the Raspberry Pi 2, we decided to build and price a version of our LSL Access Control and Asset Tracking System over to ARM.

Using our newly released LSL Development Framework v6.0.0 we were able to produce a working port in a matter of 16 hours of effort for one embedded firmware and two server software applications.

The Raspberry Pi2 version of the hardware replaces an 1U server as well as the x86 based LSL LPN-SEC hardware with a pair of Pi2's with SSD storage, and some communications and relay boards. This change from enterprise/industrial Intel x86 to ARMv7 is bringing a 30x to 50x cost savings. That's 3000% to 5000% cost savings on hardware. The Pi2 is also faster than the previous generation LSL LPN-SEC based x86 hardware.

This has huge implications for our customers and our internal development cost structures. The Raspberry Pi 2 is a very disruptive piece of technology, and where it is appropriate for consumer use, it completely changes the cost dynamics of many industries, not the first of which is Access Control and Asset Tracking.

The new hardware takes up approximately 1 square foot of space, 1U of rack height, and replaces a much larger footprint of traditional computers.

LSL will be adding in customizations to the already very high quality Debian based, Raspbian Linux distribution specific to our customer base.

LSL will publish full pricing and a comparison guide to when to use ARM or Raspberry Pi, and when to stick with traditional Intel based industrial or commercial enterprise servers.

For industrial ARM embedded designs LSL is going to provide Freescale i.MX6 options for our customers.

If you have custom hardware and software development needs focused on ARM, Linux, or Intel x86/x86_64 family, Linux Software Labs Inc. can help you achieve your goals, faster, better, and cheaper. We have experience with the newest hardware, we have 20 years of Linux development experience, and we have a huge advantage over our competition in the form of the LSL Development Framework v6.0.0.

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