LSL Datacenter Upgrade and Infrastructure Buildout

LSL IT staff have just completed a major upgrade to our internal systems, with major new equipment upgrades to better support our customers.

We have added the following:

  1. A new fiber channel storage server with 32TB of RAID6 SAS storage.
  2. A new backup fibre channel storage server with 24TB of RAID6 SATA storage.
  3. Two new ESXi virtual machine hypervisor servers with 24 Xeon cores, and 64GB of RAM each.
  4. A pair of fully redundant firewall hosts to protect and route internal network data at 10Gb.
  5. 8 newly built, fully redundant, current generation Linux VM's to run web, email, file and print services.
  6. 10Gb core network switch upgrade.

These new systems are providing much needed upgrades to core IT capacity while simultaneously allowing for interesting and powerful new applications, web support, and many new systems that we didn't previously have the capacity to provide.

Stay tuned for more awesome developments from Linux Software Labs Inc.