LSL Development Framework Released

LSL is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the LSL Development Framework v6.0.0. Over 12 months in design, development, and testing, this new release brings many new features including: ARM processor support, 64bit x86 support, 64bit ARM support, a completely new core LSL Application Framework, improved Mac OS X Cocoa support, new GUI components, new Supported Databases, NoSQL, and many bug fixes.

The new LDFv6 is based on a new underlying core framework that is much more modern in design. Our previous generation LDFv5 which is the last release with the older framework will be supported for 2 more years to make a seamless transition to the new model, while guaranteeing stability and reliability.

New LSL Development Framework Features:

  1. New: 32bit ARM architecture support for Desktop, Web, Console applications on Linux and iOS applications on Apple devices. Supports ARMv7 Cortex A5 through Cortex A17 processors. Examples: Raspberry PI 2, i.MX6, etc.
  2. New: iOS Support for rapidly building LDFv6 compatible applications leveraging existing code, while supporting iOS UI and interface design
  3. New: Underlying core framework refactored to more modern software design standards and best practices on all application types - Desktop, Web, Console, and iOS.
  4. New: 64bit application and processor support on all supported platforms including Desktop, Web, and Console applications on Linux, Windows, iOS, and Mac OS X. 64bit ARMv8 support on Linux will be supported by LDFv6, but is not currently shipping
  5. New: New cryptography framework for higher bit, stronger encryption for all supported protocols, communication types, database integration. This is the most secure, highest quality encryption capability for LSL Development Framework ever.
  6. New: Fourth generation license and key management system provides full support for high security, public key RSA encrypted license files for a higher degree of application security and more secure license management. Eight options are now provided for licensing from freeware to highly secure hardware locked embedded applications and every step in between.

Core Features:

  1. Single source code base that can target 4 operating systems, four processor architectures, and 9 supported database systems
  2. Fully integrated TCP/IP communications, server and client application templates with strong encryption support.
  3. Eleven different application types with web application support in latest release.
  4. Object oriented application design framework provides for extremely rapid application development, as well as incredibly efficient maintenance of existing applications.

Platform Support

Desktop Traditional GUI applications
Web Web 2.0 style desktop quality web applications
Console Server and command line applications
iOS iPhone and iPad applications ( not all LDF features supported on iOS )

CPU Architecture Support

Intel x86 Intel 32bit architecture processors
Intel x86_64 Intel x86 64bit architecture processors
ARMv7 ARM 32bit architecture processors ( Linux & iOS )
ARMv8 ARM 64bit architecture processors ( currently iOS only, Linux support coming )

OS Support

Linux Windows Mac OS X Cocoa iOS

Native Database Support

Oracle 9i, 10g, 11i PostgreSQL 8.x, & 9.x CubeSQL Server
LSL DB Server MS SQL Server ( Win Only ) SQL Lite v3
MySQL Enterprise/Commercial Edition Valentina Office DB MongoDB

ODBC Database Support

Oracle 9i or 10g MySQL Community Edition PostgreSQL 8.x, & 9.x
LSL DB Server MS SQL Server ( Win, Linux, & OS X) CubeSQL Server

Detailed LSL Framework advantages:

Upgrade Process

Existing projects based on LSL-LDF 5.0.0 can be upgraded in about 2-6 hours. Due to the major refactoring of the database drivers and object structure. All references to database object definition and creation need to be modified. There is a detailed upgrade procedure in the current manual.

To get the most out of the database and new GUI/Web support, most applications will do well with a UI redesign to fully support the powerful new database paradigm.

LSL Products and LSL Infrastructure components upgraded to LSL-LDF 6.0.0

  • LSL LPN-SEC appliance from LSL ACS System
  • LSL Project Management System
  • LSL Project Management System Web Client
  • LSL Document Management System
  • LSL Server Manager
  • LSL Registration Server
  • LSL Support Ticket Server
  • LSL Support Ticket Client
  • LSL Support Ticket Web Client
  • LSL Support Notification Server