LSL Development Framework v4.0.0 Released

LSL is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the LSL Development Framework v4.0.0. Over 24 months in design, development, and testing, this new release brings many new features including: Multiple databases and tables per GUI/Web application Window/Form, LSL Web Application Framework, Mac OS X Cocoa support, new GUI components, new Supported Databases, and many bug fixes.

New LSL Development Framework Features:

  1. New: Newly redesigned Database interface, drivers, and GUI and Web application toolkits support integration with multiple databases and tables per Window/Form. This change allows for complex, rich UI applications that are simpler to use, easier to understand, and greatly reduces window clutter in applications that have many database tables in their application design.
  2. Web Database Application Framework brings the advantages of LSL-LDF based development to web applications. Leveraging the core capabilities of the LSL-LDF while bringing desktop like capabilities, look, and feel to web based browser applications. Support for all LSL-LDF supported database servers, rapid development, and single source code across all OS and database types means extreme productivity and features not available with other development frameworks.
  3. Mac OS X Cocoa application support to better integrate with the latest releases of Mac OS X. Cocoa support provides a more refined user interface experience with enhanced performance. Cocoa is the future of development on OS X, and is now fully supported by the LSL Development Framework for desktop application development.

Native Database Support

Oracle 9i, 10g, 11i PostgreSQL 8.x, & 9.x CubeSQL Server
LSL DB Server MS SQL Server ( Win Only ) SQL Lite v3
MySQL Enterprise/Commercial Edition Valentina Office DB

ODBC Database Support

Oracle 9i or 10g MySQL Community Edition PostgreSQL 8.x, & 9.x
LSL DB Server MS SQL Server ( Win, Linux, & OS X) CubeSQL Server

Upgrade Process

Existing projects based on LSL-LDF 3.6.0 can be upgraded in about 2-6 hours. Due to the major refactoring of the database drivers and object structure. All references to database object definition and creation need to be modified. There is a detailed upgrade procedure in the current manual.

To get the most out of the database and new GUI/Web support, most applications will do well with a UI redesign to fully support the powerful new database paradigm.

LSL Products and LSL Infrastructure components upgraded to LSL-LDF 4.0.0

  • LSL Project Management System
  • LSL Project Management System Web Client
  • LSL Document Management System
  • LSL Server Manager
  • LSL Registration Server
  • LSL Support Ticket Server
  • LSL Support Ticket Client
  • LSL Support Ticket Web Client
  • LSL Support Notification Server