LSL RFID Access Control and Asset Tracking System v3.3

LSL is very pleased to announce the immediate availability of the LSL RFID Access Control and Asset Tracking System v3.3

This version brings significant new firmware, software features, and bug fixes to the LSL ACS system including the new LSL ACS Communication Server ( LCS ).

The LSL ACS Communication Server is a new server component of the LSL ACS system, that can run on Linux, Windows, or Mac OS X. It can run on the same server as the LSL Enterprise Server or on a separate server for performance and redundancy.

It expands the compressed data streams produced by the LSL LPN-SEC appliances, reduces, and simplifies the processing load on the LSL Enterprise Server component.

For modern multi-core CPU's and in keeping with the LSL design philosophy of completely distributed, no single point of failure systems, this additional server allows for better balance and superior performance across the product.

This change also allows for greater scalability and reliability in the LSL Enterprise Server component which has been streamlined and optimized for it's primary role of organizing and storing the data input streams from the LSL LPN-SEC appliances.

The primary function of the LCS is the processing of data from the LSL LPN-SEC appliances into a report friendly format, interfacing with the LSL Enterprise Console GUI, as well as serving as the primary API server for 3rd party product integrations.

The LSL ACS API is now directly accessible through the LSL Communication Server. In the previous product generations this function was performed by the LSL Enterprise Server.

This release is built with the latest version of the LSL Development Framework 3.5.2 with all the inherent advantages that release brings to the table.

Bug Fixes:

All known, reported bugs have been fixed and verified in this release. Any new issues can be reported through the LSL Support Ticket System