LSL Development Framework 3.5.2 Released

LSL is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the LSL Development Framework v3.5.2. This new release brings a new "RemoteDB Sync" capability, new GUI components, and bug fixes.

RemoteDB Sync allows for remotely synchronized database applications between similar and dissimilar database engines and servers. One example is a core ERP database using PostgreSQL with 3 tables supporting one application that need to be synchronized with a remote client application running SQLite locally.

This interface allows for these "RemoteDB" clients to work with a local database engine like SQLite and seamlessly synchronize the data in real time as the local database is used and updated. One advantage to this interface is providing for strong encryption through the LSL TCP/IP Socket interface even if the native database driver does not provide for encryption.

LDF Updates:

  • New GUI component database enabled ComboBox added
  • Several existing LDF based GUI controls have been significantly updated. Treeview, StaticText, as well as others.
  • All database drivers updated with RemoteDB capability

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue in registration dialog fixed
  • Fixed several issues in LSL DB Cursor objects which affected database drivers
  • All database drivers updated with RemoteDB capability

LSL Products and Infrastructure components upgraded to LDF 3.5.2

  • LSL Access Control and Asset Tracking System 3.2
  • LSL Document Management System
  • LSL Server Manager
  • LSL Registration Server
  • LSL Support Ticket Server
  • LSL Support Ticket Client
  • LSL Support Notification Server